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Imagine one principle that could give your life direction and purpose. Imagine there was only one thing that was necessary to both please God and be part of a great plan that would transform your life, your family and this world.

We believe that the greatest person who ever lived was asked directly if there was one thing that would lead to a successful life. Jesus’ answer was a resounding YES!  The one secret to life is to love God and love people.

Newton Fellowship Church is a group of ordinary people that live in your community.  We truly believe that when we live out Jesus’ words to love God and love our neighbour everything begins changing. Marriages grow stronger. Different cultures are celebrated. People break free from addictions. Abuse stops. Refugees are welcomed. Children are encouraged by their parents. Businesswomen are honest. Teens discover purpose.

We believe that these small changes can lead to a movement where God is changing the world every day.  Join us and God’s story of transformation as we Love God – Love Newton!

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